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Patient Resources

The COVID-19 crisis has canceled most in-person options for adolescent and young adult survivorship care, peer to peer support, educational programs, and more.  Fortunately, patient advocacy groups across the country have moved quickly to make their tools, support programs, and more available online.  Below you can find broad categories for the type of support available to adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors.  On each of the subsequent pages, you’ll find listings of resources and programs that pertain to each broad category.


Online Classes, Programs and Educational Tools

Resources for adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors including interactive programs, webinars, and online tools.


Emotional Support and Connection

Resources for adolescent and young adults to connect with others, share experiences and find emotional support through interactive programs and support services.


Financial Support

Managing finances as a young adult with cancer can be challenging. COVID-19 might increase the challenge significantly.  Discover financial resources available for patients, survivors, and their families.


COVID19 Information

Adolescent and young adults have unique needs as cancer patients, COVID-19 adds a great deal of questions and concerns.  Learn more information gathered from advocacy and health care experts in the field.

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